Monday, 9 September 2013

No More Whiny Whinging!

As soon as I got home with my prescription on Thursday I took a tablet. Late that evening I suddenly noticed that I felt a bit better. I thought I must be imagining it but Friday morning - and I kept checking - I still felt better. More like myself. It was weird, whereas before I kept thinking, in a determined fashion, "no I do feel ok" and then running into the reality that I didn't, now I was thinking "surely I can't really feel ok?" and running into the reality that actually I did.

I remember that this happened last time I started on paroxetine, that I started to notice a benefit very quickly indeed. I feel lucky to have found an anti-depressant that seems to be so effective for me, because having had a little glimpse into the abyss again I have remembered just what a terrible, terrible thing depression is.

I'm still not quite right - I can't seem to concentrate to read books, and I'm still very tired and sleepy and not doing a great deal - but hopefully I'll continue to see improvement and there is also the option of increasing the dose at my appointment next week.

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