Tuesday, 8 April 2014


I feel wild. Confrontational. Combative. And like doing something dangerous. "The path of excess leads to the tower of wisdom" - William Blake. "We slip through the streets while everyone sleeps" - The Cure.

It's making me say "fuck". But it's also making me laugh.

Just think about radio waves for a minute. They're there in the air all the time. But you can only hear them if you turn on a radio and tune it in. And if you took many radios and tuned them all into different stations playing at the same time?

Oh my.


lemonsticks said...

the same thing would happen if you turned on a tv and felt the waves in the air.

If it makes you say the word fuck, then perhaps fuck is what is on your mind. Do you think it is part of you or part of your environment?

werehorse said...

Hi lemonsticks,

The radio/tv thing is something I think about sometimes. Because how many other messages are in the air that we're simply not tuned into. And what if we could be?

I say "fuck" a lot, usually accompanied by laughter, when I suddenly see how ridiculous and hopeless my situation is.