Sunday, 20 October 2013

Sunday 29th January

I was struggling because I was hearing voices telling me that I was evil and should kill myself. I phoned the helpline for support. During the call my phone ran out of battery. I put it on charge, gathered myself together and went to take care of my animals. When I got back there was an ambulance waiting on the road. I went inside but after a few minutes decided I should tell the paramedics that I was OK and I didn't want or need them. As I was about to do so two police officers arrived. I turned and walked back into the house and the police and paramedics followed me in. They spent a long time trying to persuade me to go to hospital but I refused, explaining over and over again that I hadn't found it helpful in the past and I wanted support at home. They said they could get a warrant, then they moved towards me. I tried to hang on to the taps on my sink but they pulled me away and twisted my arms up behind my back. I shouted that they were hurting me and ended up on the floor.  They dragged me out of the house and then they said to me that if I got up and walked they would cuff my hands in front of me rather than behind my back so I stopped resisting, and they put the cuffs on me. They took me to the ambulance and told me that if I got in by myself they would take the cuffs off, otherwise they would come with me and stay with me which would be a waste of police time. Since it was clear that I had no choice but to go to the hospital I agreed to get into the ambulance. I was taken to A&E where the nurses put me in a room. I wanted to leave but I didn't have my phone or any money with me.  Eventually I saw a psychiatrist and we agreed together that he would give me some diazepam to help for the evening and speak to my consultant the next day to arrange for my medication to be increased. Transport was organised to take me home.


Kat Moss said...

That is awful. They can not force you to go to hospital if you have capacity. I have been forced before and that has been because I have taken an OD and was pretty obvious I had and I didn't have capacity. But, if you hadn't actually taken anything then can not force you. I would make a complaint.

Saying that, even if they suspect you have taken an OD they can't force you. A couple of months back I had called crisis team at night and the next day they sent the police round. They actually broke down my door as I wouldn't answer it. I refused to go to hospital. They called paramedics who said my obs weren't right but I still wouldn't go. They couldn't 136 me as I was in my own home and I was assessed as having capacity so they couldn't force me. They had to leave me at home. I am sure if I had left the house they would have put me on a 136, but as I was in my own home they didn't. I have heard stories of police putting people on a 136 in their own home before though.

werehorse said...

Hey Kat, yes, it was completely unjustified, there was no way I lacked capacity and I hadn't hurt myself in any way. It was really painful and distressing and still upsets me even now. I have made a complaint now and have someone coming to see me about it on the 2nd Nov, so I'll see what comes of that. Thanks for commenting x